Common House

The Common House is the architectural heart of our community life. We cook, eat, play, hang out, celebrate, meet, host events, and work together at the Common House. It is an extension of our individual homes and allows us to live in smaller private homes than we might need outside of Sunward.


A wonderful shared 7500 sq ft space, the Common House is the focal point for community-based events and meals at Sunward.¬† Our common house is equipped with a large dining room, fully equipped kitchen, game room (complete with pool table, foosball, and ping-pong table), meeting rooms, children’s play room and a laundry room. There is an office where members can perform office-like tasks, and rooms that can be used for overnight guests. a We also have an exercise room with stair stepper, tread mill, and weights, and stationary bikes.

We have frequent community voluntary meals often on Thursday and Sunday evening, where we meet together for a common meals. Meals are cooked by community members with a talent for culinary. Diners sign up so that cooks can buy the necessary amount of food and then diners share the expense.

In addition to group meals the common house is a focal point for group activities, both spontaneous and scheduled. We’ve watched big football games together, major events, and have frequent movies.