What is Sunward?
Sunward is an intentional cohousing community of about 100 people in 40 units on the west side of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Each unit is a private fully-equipped condominium in various sizes and configurations.
Where is Sunward?
Sunward is located at 424 Little Lake Dr. Ann Arbor, MI, off of Parkland Plaza by way of Jackson Road. Downtown Ann Arbor is only minutes away, and Sunward is conveniently located close to highways US 14 and I-94.
What is a common house?
Cohousing communities feature a common gathering area for members to eat, sleep, and play together in a safe environment. Our common house is two stories and features a large dining room for group meals, a children’s playroom, living and meeting rooms, and a basement with a workshop and a game room as well.
Why Sunward?
Sunward is a more social environment than conventional apartment or condo living. The grounds are car-free and designed for chance encounters with neighbors and the common house is a focal point for shared interaction. At Sunward a friendly neighbor is only steps away.
How long has Sunward been around?
The Sunward Community was the first cohousing community built in Ann Arbor in 1998. For more history see our Wikipedia page below.
Is there bus service to Sunward?
Yes, there is bus service that stops at Sunward. There is a “Wave” bus that stops right at Sunward that connects to the #9 Wagner/Zeeb bus with service to Ann Arbor. See the schedule on the Common House bulletin board for details.
What about parking?
There is ample parking here. There are garages both separate and integrated, covered spaces, and plenty of parking spots for your car. The parking lot is situated close to the entrance, and members walk to their houses. This design is safer for children as cars are not zooming to and fro amidst the units. For larger items, vehicles can enter the Sunward grounds proper, but this is an infrequent occurrence.
Are there common meals at Sunward?
Yes we serve delicious meals Sundays and on some Thursdays. Be sure to sign up early as meal spots do fill up fast.
Is it quiet? I’m a light sleeper.
Yes, Sunward is pretty quiet. Located well off the main road of Jackson, Sunward is situated on 20 acres of land overlooking a couple small ponds next to a 10 acre forest (complete with critters). There are two other cohousing communities near Sunward; Great Oak, and Touchstone, which we can see just past the water.
Are you eco-friendly?
Heck yeah we are. We recycle of course, and have one of the largest collections of Prii (plural of Prius) in southeast Michigan we’re told.
More information
For more background and history, Sunward has its own Wikipedia page.