What's the Place like?

ice skating on sunward's frozen pond in Winter The land is 20 acres and includes woods, ponds, native prairie, and housing and play areas. 3/4 of our land is preserved in natural and green state. The ponds sometimes freeze hard enough for hockey, and the prairie in bloom is spectacular!

front porch of sunward home by our piazza gathering space The homes are 40 privately-owned and complete townhouses ranging in size from 1-3+ bedrooms. Each house has a porch and its kitchen faces common areas to facilitate visiting. Homes were designed to be energy efficient and clustered to preserve greenspace.

members clean up after shared community dinner in our Common House The common house has a kitchen and dining room for optional shared meals, guest room, laundry facilities, workshop, exercise room, offices, mailboxes and multipurpose space for work and play.

Other structures include a century-old barn, sheds, garages, two play structures and of course picnic tables for get-togethers.

picnic table on the lookout over sunward's pond For more photos, visit the Sunward photo album

Community Quoteables “Living with people is difficult and fascinating and handy and infuriating and exciting and fun and taxing and enriching and ultimately, for many, generates more happiness than the alternative.” -Joshuah Stolaroff
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